I’m all fired up about Prezi, the online tool for making presentations that are far more fun and intuitive than Power Point.  Here are my first few Prezis, just click on the title to get to the Prezi.  Press the Play arrow and use your keyboard arrows to advance through the Prezi – you can use your mouse or touchscreen to scroll around or zoom anytime.  To get fullscreen, use the “More” menu at the bottom right.  Then give Prezi a try yourself – it’s very easy to learn.

On Adaptable Teaching Methods: This one takes ideas from my “Natural Security” project on how to be adaptable and applies them to teaching using a “Project Based Learning” approach.  Presented at the Arizona K-12 Center’s STEM Camp, July 2011 in Tucson.

Observations and Life Sciences: Created as an introduction to my Fall 2011 Graduate Seminar, it covers the history, challenges and opportunities arising from the renewed importance of basic observations of nature in the life sciences. Also the subject of my book for Island Press with Anibal Pauchard, Observation and Ecology

The Desert Sea Initiative: An outline of a project I’m starting at the University of Arizona to bring together our diverse group of marine minded researchers

What I Learned from Hewatt’s Transect: Reflections on my first scientific study – a historical examination of the changing community of intertidal organisms at Hopkins Marine Station in Pacific Grove, CA.  This was one of the first published studies to demonstrate that 20th century climate warming was already affecting natural populations.


3 thoughts on “Prezis

  1. Rafe, Hi! this is Susan Swaim, Dr. Hewatt’s granddaughter. I met you in Monterey in 2002 . I am interested to see this presentation on what you learned from Hewatt’s Transect. But I am getting no sound from Prezis. Does the presentation have sound? Hope you are doing well.

    1. Susan – wonderful to hear from you – I think of your visit to Hopkins Marine Station often. Prezi does not yet have sound and I hope they will have a narration feature soon.

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