Sometimes, I make artwork, although doodling is a continual part of my existence.  I made it through 22 years of schooling doodling all the way, so it can’t be a bad habit, right?   Lately I’ve been making linoleum block prints. I make each of the designs below in a range of ink colors and paper.

I just produced a bunch of the pieces below for Art-o-mat, a collection of restored cigarette machines that now sell art work:

I made them in a bunch of colors, like hot pink and blue and purple and gold:

I just started making Thank You cards and I’d like to get these purple heart thank you’s into the hands of wounded warriors and the people who love them:

They are for sale as prints and greeting cards.  If you want a bunch, I can print some up custom for you, just get in touch.

My nature inspired prints are available on my LINOZOIC site:

I also paint murals and found that old Subaru Foresters have incredibly large sunroofs that are ideal for faux stained glass: